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Entering and leaving - please do not bunch up a keep 2m apart from any other household. Use the hand sanitiser on arriving and leaving. I am not to be at the door to speak to people as they leave. Leaving will be done in a spaced out way (e.g. like schools, those sitting up straightest can go next!)

Sitting: Households should be 2m apart (roughly this means every other pew)

Service booklets: You will be given an Evening Service booklet on arrival. Keep this and take it home and as ‘your’ copy to bring to services. I would also encourage you to bring your own Bible. We are not allowed to let multiple people handle book or booklets. And, of course, there will be no singing.

Face coverings: These are voluntary. For Communion Services I will use a Face shield for the administration which cannot be done at 2m distance.

Giving: We would encourage everyone to give by direct debit or by cheque to the treasurer. The Collection will be available for cash at the back of church but will not be passed around.

Names and addresses: These need to be kept of those attending for 21 days to assist with ‘track and trace’

Booking in: Cathedrals and some churches are asking people to pre-book if they want to come to church to ensure that there is adequate space for social distancing. I am not asking for this, but we shall use our larger churches first and hope that our numbers do not create a problem. I may have to introduce a booking in system if we have difficulties.

Be sensible
  • Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms should not attend
  • Those who have been designated as needing to be ‘shielded’ should not attend
  • Over 70s and those who are ‘vulnerable’ are discouraged from attending, but it is their own decision

Extra issues with Communion Services -  There is to be no physical sharing of the Peace. Communion is to be administered in silence, by queuing up 2m apart, the wafer will be dropped into communicants hands, hand sanitiser is to be used before and after receiving.

If anyone has any other queries not covered by the above please do contact Colin.