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The United Benefice of Withington, Sevenhampton with Charlton Abbots, Hawling, Whittington, Dowdeswell and Andoversford, Shipton and Cold Salperton

Church Services

Services in Church Buildings
Our first public Evening Service will be at Withington on the 12th July at 6pm,
this will be a simple ‘said’ service of readings and prayers.

Please read the guidance here.

Private Prayer

Churches are now open for private prayer.

Most of our churches are always open,
but please see the notice board at your church for any
restrictions on opening hours.

Please take your own sanitiser and use the provided wipes.
Please refrain from touching surfaces any more than necessary,
any surfaces you touch should be wiped as you enter
and leave, including the door handles.
Please respect social distancing.

Virtual ‘Zoom’ Services
Every Sunday at 10am there is an on-line service
using Zoom. If you would like more information
please contact Colin

This service is subsequently posted on YouTube, search for Coln River.


Morning and Evening Prayer
Using Zoom, every Wednesday at 9.30am and 4.30pm
Please contact Andy Hall